Day & Overnight Pet Care


$25 half-day (6 hours)

$35 full day (12 hours)

$40 overnight 1-3 days

$38 overnight 4-5 days

$35 overnight 6+ days

We provide home & food

(you can provide food too)

30% discount for 2nd/3rd dog

60% discount for 4th + dog


  $28 overnight 1-3 days

 $25 overnight 4-5 days

  $22 overnight 6+ day

We provide home & food

(you can provide food too)

30% discount for 2nd/3rd cat

60% discount for 4th + cat

Small Animals

Rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, reptiles, birds, etc (cage < 20 cubic ft)            

$20 overnight 1-3 days

$18 overnight 4-5 days

$16 overnight 6+ day

No extra charge for multiple animals/cage

You provide cage & food


10% student, military, and seniors (60+) 

30% 2nd pet

Hours: Our operating hours are 8 am to 8 pm; however, you must contact us with a day notice between those times to let us know when you are dropping and picking up your pet.  If you need earlier or later drop-off, please inquire. 

Pick-up/Drop-off service: If you need us to pick-up or drop-off your pet at your home, please inquire about whether we are able to do it and the additional cost.  It will depend on size of pet, cage, and distance.  We have a minimum charge of $15 each direction. 

Your Dogs day:  Dogs spend some of the day outside in our large fenced in yard unless weather conditions are unfavorable in which case we have them stay in our living room area.  The yard has plenty of room to run and play and our staff will take the time to play with the dogs and take them on a walk to creek or over hiking trails upon your request.  We also give them plenty of indoor time if they prefer.  We do feedings in morning and early evenings inside, and fresh water is always available both indoors and outside.  In evening, we bring dogs inside to sleep.  If we have both large and small dogs at same time or any incompatibility between dogs, we have them sleep in separate areas, either the living room area or separate bedroom.   If your dog requires their own separate place to sleep away from all other  animals, please provide the kennel and we will assure that they are safety tucked in their private home when they sleep. 

Your cats day:  Cats have their own play room in climate controlled bedroom indoors with a nice window overlooking nature.  Our staff will check on your cat throughout the day and play with them if they interested.  We do feedings in morning and early evenings, and fresh water is always available.  If we only have one cat, the cat can sleep cage-free in the cat play room.  If we have more than one cat, we have separate cat condos so they are safety tucked in their private home at night.  We will let cats out to play in the large room one at at time throughout the dayYou are also free to provide your own home for you cat to stay in.  

Feedings and special diets: We provide high-quality food to our pets  twice a day, in mid-morning and early-evening, according to recommended quantities based on the dog and cat size. Clean fresh water is always available.  Sometimes we may provide a small snack, but we never provide any human food.  If you would like us to provide more or less food than standard amounts, please let us know.   We are also happy to administer any special diet for your pet if you provide the food with detailed instructions on amounts and timing of feedings.

Medical needs and special diets: We will administer medications if you provide the meds with detailed instructions for each one.  If the meds are particularly difficult (i.e. shots), we may charge an extra fee of $10/night.  

Discounts: We offer a 30% discount for 2nd dog, cat or cage.   

Requirements to stay : We require all dogs and cats staying with us to be up-to-date on vaccinations.  We reserve the right to refuse service to any animal that we find aggressive or disruptive to our refuge.  If we feel we are unable to take care of your pet after they have checked-in due to behavior concerns, we will confine the pet, call you to pick them up, and will refund any amount you have paid for the day.  We require proof of vaccinations and a signed document recognizing our rules and release of liability at the first stay.  

Availability: We are currently limiting care to no more than 5 dogs and 5 cats at any one time.  We generally have availability more most times outside of holiday and common vacation times.  


Sue 831-331-1050 (reserve), Pete 562-810-0701 (on-site care)